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LouEllen McMillian Greg Schroen
Interim Co-Editors
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Deadlines and Publication Dates

Within Reach is published four times per year. Texas Chapter AMTA members receive all issues. Deadlines are the dates by which articles and ads are due. Publication dates are the dates of mailing. Allow one additional week for arrival in the home of the reader.
Deadline Articles
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Feb 15 , 2006

Feb 15, 2006

Mar 15, 2006

July 15, 2006

July 15, 2006

Aug 15, 2006

Nov 1, 2006

Nov 1, 2006

Dec 1, 2006




The newsletter is provided as an AMTA membership benefit. Additional copies are circulated to registered massage therapists in Texas, to all massage schools in Texas, to the Chapter Officers of all AMTA Chapters in the USA, and to candidates for the Texas State massage licensing exam.

Circulation for Sept 15th 2005 issue: 5,000
Circulation for July 1st 2005 issue: 5,000

Circulation for Apr 2005 issue: 14,000

Circulation for Jan 2005 issue: 8,000

Circulation for Oct 2004 issue: 6,500
Circulation for Jul 2004 issue: 1,500
Circulation for Apr 2004 issue: 5,000


Within Reach Articles

  • Submissions or articles, commentaries, letters to the editor, etc., should be emailed or provided on diskette along with a print quality original. Send to the Newsletter Editor. Content may be edited for length and/or content.
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  • Within Reach is provided as a service of AMTA - Texas Chapter. Its content is not intended to replace professional advice. Articles are the opinions of the authors and not official positions of the AMTA, its Chapters, or Units. For comments, questions, and letters to the editor, contact the Newsletter Editor.



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