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Learning from each other…

In my daily interactions with clients, health professionals, and friends, I am constantly amazed at the difference an attitude can make.  There can be a world of difference when, given the same set of circumstances, one person responds with gratitude and the other reacts with defensiveness or irritability.

Every day we form, change, or reinforce our attitude. This attitude determines our approach to life and defines our relationship with others.

During the past year as a board member, I have been impressed with the commitment of several dedicated AMTA professional members and chapter board members who devoted their time to serve massage therapists throughout Texas. These tireless volunteers have served us in so many helpful areas, from legislative issues that dramatically affect our professional status, to print and web media that keep us informed of what is happening in the state, to outstanding annual conferences and local meetings that provide continuing education, networking opportunities, and reinvigorating strategies for all RMT’s.

I am appreciative of the many benefits received as an AMTA professional member.  In the year ahead, I hope more massage therapists will join in serving each other and becoming an integral part of this great association.  We can learn so much from each other.  Let’s see how changing attitudes can rejuvenate lives and careers.


Fitfully yours,

Terrie Irvin

[email protected]


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