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Government Relations

Texas Legislature Online

Want to know the latest on what is happening in Austin? Information updates to the Texas Legislature Online web site occur approximately 5 to 15 minutes after they are entered into the legislature's internal computer system. The internal system is updated by several different departments as soon as or shortly after legislative events occur. You can discover:

  • who represents you
  • bill and amendment information
  • committee schedules and membership
  • calendars and agendas

You can search bills by KEYWORD to remain current with changes affecting massage therapists. Select the "Search Bills.. by Keyword" button and enter 'massage'.

Each bill is shown in full text along with the history.

Updated information will be published to this site as soon as it is known.



Legislative News


Subchapter D - Continuing Education Requirements and Documentation (141.20)- has been published. Effective January 1, 2002, each RMT must report completion of at least 6 hours of acceptable continuing education accumulated during each annual renewal period. The annual renewal period is the 12 months preceding the RMT's registration anniversary date.

Acceptable continuing education includes attendance at and completion of Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) approved or recognized programs (other than the 300 hour course of instruction required for registration), institutes, seminars, workshops, state or national conferences, advanced course work, or college and university academic courses that are

  • directly related to the theory or clinical application of theory pertaining to the practice of massage therapy and the manipulation of soft tissue, business practices, professional ethics, anatomy, physiology, hydrotherapy, and health and hygiene
  • advanced bodywork techniques acceptable to DSHS and
  • designed to increase and enhance professional knowledge, skills, or competence in the practice of massage therapy.

Link to information on DSHS's page about continuing education or contact DSHS 's information on massage.

Parlor Clean-up

To find out what your fellow Massage Therapists in Corpus Christi have done to clean up the parlors in their city, click below:


  Read about Cleaning-up Massage Parlors in Texas


LouEllen B. McMillian
[email protected]

HB2696 Becomes Law

HB2696 was psssed into law this past regular legislative session.  It will be attached to our existing statute.

To find out what this means for you, go to the Newsletters page and read my report beginning on page 4 and continuing on page 9.

  Now that the police departments have the law they said they needed to clean up the illegitimate massage places, we need to stay on them until they do just that.  We want them to do their job and publicize it well.  We want the public to know that we want these elements out of our profession!!  

Where do you see that we should go from here?  How could you help?

The next legislative session convenes in January 2007. Already, plans are being made  by some to run this race again.  

See y'all there!