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Cleaning Up Massage Parlors

A Message from the Education Chair

Suggestions for Cleaning Up Your Cities of Massage Parlors and False Ads!

We in Corpus Christi have been policing our area of illegal and unethical massage practice for the last twenty years, and for the most part we have been successful in that no ads appear in newspapers or phone book that are at all suggestive of any one practicing anything but massage therapy. Here are some ideas for you to try without getting in over your heads.

  1. Individually or as a committee of massage therapists choose a newspaper or yellow pages section under massage and look for ads that are suspiciously sexually oriented. They are usually quite obvious. If a name is used, find out it that person is a registered therapist in Texas.
  2. If they are not, then notify police as well as TDH, that a person is advertising Massage under false circumstances.
  3. Call the individual and tell them they are required to have a resgistration to offer bodywork, they may not know. Be adament that sexually charged ads or ads by individuals that are not registered will not be tolerated and that you have notified the authorities about them. This is usually enough to get the person's attention and get them on the move.Keep following up until the ad disappears. It only takes a few minutes of your time to rid the preofession of these individuals.
  4. If you discover the person is in fact registered, but chooses to offer sensual/sexual massage, then a phone call or visit to them with several massage therapists is recommended. Let them know that their behavior and ethics is not only not appreciated, but you and your group will continue to urge, educate, and offer other avenues for dealing with this problem until their ads or business ceases. Notify TDH of the ad, and try and find a customer that will testify against them. This will be difficult if a woman is offering sexual favors in her massage. It is imperative that an individual that has been to the so call "therapist" has received services to make a legitimate complaint.
  5. Yes it is not always easy or successful to get a person "removed" but if you do nothing and expect the police or TDH to do it, the ranks of unethical/sexual massage ads and practitioners will only grow.

It is up to you to make a stand now.

D'Jango Sanders
Education Chair